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About Us

We are now in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, an era of ubiquitous connectivity of people, machines and real time data. Modana is here to help people to be ready for this. Through the platform, we would help people improving their financial literacy towards economic inclusion for everyone. Because in Modana, everyone matters.


Sustainable and responsible economic inclusion for everyone.


Empowering people and businesses to do their best at work and life with the help of technology

Modana Value Creation

The Platform of Choice

Designed for businesses, employers and employees to work seamlessly. Automating day to day transactions to make possible greater efficiencies, lowering cost of management and helping the economy through inclusion.


Making Indonesia 4.0, cashable society, getting SME online

Financial Institution

New Channel, underwriting, collection credit scoring


Simple affordable HR, know your employee, cashless, payroll, productivity


Fair financial access, financial literacy, access to broader network


Let's connect be better